Crypto investments made effective, profitable, collaborative and community driven.

Apollo18 aggregates impactful sources and data to provide the tools needed for investors, projects and newcomers.


Apollo18 - where users discover and evaluate safe investments, Web3 apps, trending blockchain solutions and metaverses.

Agility in delivering information.

Access unbiased assessments & on-chain analysis of new tokens on DEXs and infos from launchpads in real-time.

Trust and secure your positions

Reduce exposure to scams and invest according to your own risk profile .

Create and Manage

Offer and co-create alternative investment criteria with a Community, your own crew or family.

Market Validation - Why crypto investments are trending

The most important reasons why people are investing in crypto are that it’s made easy, exciting and community driven and potentially generating financial freedom.

Cryptocurrencies' largest price jumps are often happening within the first few hours or days.

Even though the rewards of a 100x to 1000x seems alluring, the tremendous amounts of coins launched and the high percentage of scams among them make it hard to invest successfully. This is where Apollo 18 comes into play.

Apollo18 aggregates and summarizes data about upcoming and the most recent launches and provides tools and education to enable Web3 solutions and facilitate investment decisions.

The platform provides relevant information needed such as the number of unique addresses & transactions, buying/selling ratio, and much more for early investment decisions.

Investigating every other aspect of the token's smart contract features and holder distribution can improve trustworthiness evaluation even before audits have been performed.

Apollo18 uses this data and many other indicators such as the token's social media indicators for machine learning to highlight opportunities, thus making it more effective, collaborative and more profitable to invest.

This could enable more people to gain financial freedom faster, while also minimizing the risk.

Litepaper coming soon

Our Awesome Features

Find your own trading style and ideas in tables and crypto fund grade decision criterias .

Telegram, Twitter

Analyze social chatter from various outlets .

Early smart contract analysis

Audit criterias in tables to filter and analyze risk depending on project status .


Overlap time series data and more .

Find your own trading style

Make crypto fund grade decisions using available and your own unique ideas.

Follow the smart money

Access on-chain data aggregations with machine learning enabled wallet classifications .

Channel the power of AI

Using the power of machine learning, we inform our users the potential for a new token to be a scam or a potential high gainer.

Road Map

Tech and product


PoC development & several beta testing rounds


First Product launch for Pro subscribers


2nd Product & premium subscription tier launch


More features, data & smart notifications


Smartphone optimization & machine learning extensions

Marketing targets and KPIs

Our affordable, transparent and customizable platform for Crypto analytics and Partnership approaches in DeFi, Web3, Tokenized asset, and more will enable shared Dashboards for easier decision making in teams & funds, has a plan for decentralization, and kick-off an education program to on-board newcomers in multiple languages.

Additionally, we will

  • Launch a freemium version and target high conversions from free to paid plans.
  • Start influencer campaigns & trainings for and from Key-Opinion-Leaders.
  • Incorporate our community's ideas and enhance collaboration.
  • Provide airdrops for loyal investors.

  • Marketing and funding


    Several funding rounds, litepaper release & ICO


    CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and other listings


    First project partnerships & loyalty airdrops


    Partnership approaches for fund grade decision making



    Access by connecting your wallet with AP18 tokens for Pro or Premium services:

  • Watchlists
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning enabled scores
  • Custom configurations
  • Notification
  • For Whom?

  • Retail Investors
  • Funds
  • Crypto Enthusiasts and projects
  • Newcomers
  • Team / Advisors

    CTO - Money Hungry Manager
    Co-CEO - Sleep Deprived Entrepreneur
    CDO - ML Expert, Speaker and Shoelace Connoisseur
    Co-CEO - Questionable Serial-Entrepreneur
    Advisor - Overburdened Programmer
    Advisor - Web designer/ Professional Kinder egg hater

    Business Models


    FROM Q3/22


  • Get access to combined scores and hotlists.
  • Filter by max. 2 limited indicators
  • Pro

    Holding 200$ worth of AP18

    ETH / BSC

  • Access to watchlists and filters
  • High frequent access to several specific scores
  • Filter and sort by multiple criterias
  • Access to education, roadmap , new features
  • Idea challenges and Community votes
  • Premium

    Holding 1000$ worth of AP18

    ETH / BSC / + more EVMs

  • Unlimited watchlists and alerts
  • Real-time data of new launches Unlimited notifications
  • Access to wallet / contract database
  • Analytics of telegram groups, whitelist events, etc.
  • Custom smart alerts (V2)
  • Ability to download data as CSV
  • Dark mode
  • Features, Resources and new indicators for Smart money (or Scam) detection

    Cater for your Community with more features and visualizations than any web2, on-chain data or main stream crypto data outlet .

    Aggregate open-source, social and on-chain data to reduce information overload while allowing deep-dives for the real deals .

    Detect sources of funds to classify between smart money, scammers, traders or loyal clients / Holders .

    Apollo18 - DAO like Culture


    • Dedicated enthusiasts and investors
    • to share knowledge with and learn from .

      Testers and Devs

    • Beta-Tests, developer Community building
    • and Plan decentrlization planned shortly .


    • Community curated criterias and incentive mechanisms to
    • keep control of the dapp, business models & ops income .


    • Continuous delivery of features proposed by
    • the team and voted for by the Community .