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Apollo18 - where users discover and evaluate safe investments, Web3 apps, trending blockchain solutions and metaverses.

Trust and secure your positions

Reduce exposure to scams and invest according to your own risk profile .

Agility in delivering information

Access unbiased assessments & on-chain analysis of new tokens on DEXs and infos from launchpads in real-time .

Create and Manage

Offer and co-create alternative investment criteria with a Community, your own crew or family .

Market Validation

The crypto market could disrupt many part of our economic system. It could be shifting the world financial capitals from NY and London to Berlin or even Lisbon – to the power from traditional finance to early adopters and more…

Market projections Very realistic Optimistic, yet possible $2 trillion crypto market cap getting closer to that of Gold (currently between 9 and 13trillion$) .

Crypto market cap could 5x i.e. BTC at $175k if BTC dominance stays around 30% .

Many VCs, Investors, High-Networth individuals & institutions are entering the blockchain market - and many other factors are indicating long-term growth .

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Our Awesome Features

Find your own trading style and ideas in tables and crypto fund grade decision criterias .

Telegram, Twitter

Analyze social chatter from various outlets .

Early smart contract analysis

Audit criterias in tables to filter and analyze risk depending on project status .


Overlap time series data and more .

Find your own trading style

and ideas in tables and crypto fund grade decision criterias Use your unique ideas in tables and crypto fund grade decision criterias First Product launch for Pro .

Follow the smart money

Access on-chain data aggregations with machine learning enabled wallet classifications .

Our Approach

We aggregate data

Provide the data to filter, setup alerts or watchlists

Create a 'bot', or make a decision when notified

Automate with trading features

Develop your own trading style and system

Apollo18 - where users discover safe investments, Web3 apps and more...

  • Reduce your risk, exposure to scams & ponzi’s
  • Discover new ways to manage your assets & unbiased comparisons
  • Access qualitative assessments & on-chain analysis of new tokens on DEXs in real-time
  • Offer and co-create (DAO) alternative investment criteria, features and more

  • Products

    Dashboard and execution

    Access by connecting your wallet with AP18 tokens for Pro or Premium services:

  • Trading automations
  • Superior order types
  • Watchlists
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning enabled scores
  • Custom configurations
  • Notification
  • For Whom?

  • Retail Investors
  • Funds
  • Crypto Enthusiasts and projects
  • Newcomers
  • Features, Resources and new indicators for Smart money (or Scam) detection

    Cater for your Community with more features and visualizations than any web2, on-chain data or main stream crypto data outlet .

    Aggregate open-source, social and on-chain data to reduce information overload while allowing deep-dives for the real deals .

    Detect sources of funds to classify between smart money, scammers, traders or loyal clients / Holders .

    Apollo18 - DAO like Culture


    • Dedicated enthusiasts and investors
    • to share knowledge with and learn from .

      Testers and Devs

    • Beta-Tests, developer Community building
    • and Plan decentrlization planned shortly .


    • Community curated criterias and incentive mechanisms to
    • keep control of the dapp, business models & ops income .


    • Continuous delivery of features proposed by
    • the team and voted for by the Community .